You could say the outdoors have always been a part of my life. Before I was old enough to speak, my parents were taking me on trips to places like Yosemite, the Redwoods, and even all the way out to the forests on the East Coast. That continued throughout my childhood growing from family vacations to summer camps, backpacking trips to the Sierras, to new places like Montana, Yellowstone and the like. I was a very lucky kid.

Still, I never really thought of myself as an adventurer or even all that “outdoorsy.” In my early twenties, I was your typical workaholic and more often found behind a computer than anywhere exciting. Somewhere along the way, however, I started to get restless with that and found myself drawn back to those childhood experiences. Instead of two weeks a year at a beach resort, I started planning stays at parks, hiking on weekends, and soon dreaming of bigger adventures.

Eventually (I was a bit over 30 then), I decided it was time to really make a change so I lined up a more flexible job and moved to the Pacific Northwest. I still spend plenty of time behind a desk, but being so close to so many incredible sights and so many mountains had an immediate effect and my interest quickly grew into a passion, perhaps even an obsession.

While my exploits are unlikely to ever reach record setting levels, I’ve had many incredible experiences over the years from crossing crevassed glaciers to watching lava spill into the ocean. It’s stuff I never truly dreamed I’d actually do, and photography quickly became a way to document it all.

Looking back, I suppose that was an inevitable step. Coming from a suburban life, at first, I bought a camera just to capture my own memories to share around with friends, but as I got more involved in the outdoor community, I found the fun of sharing it all with others. Photography has led me to new friendships and certainly new adventures thanks to our social media driven world. 
When it comes to photography, my passion is in capturing the landscapes and sights I encounter on my trips. Learning how to better document those experiences, evolving my gear and technique has been a lot of fun to geek out on as well. None of this has led to fame, fortune, or even a particularly wide following but it’s incredible look back on where I’ve been and the progression of my adventures. And of course, the chance to talk about it all with others who are passionate about the same thing.

Ted Sindzinski