Hello, I’m Nate Bowery from Memphis, TN. My love for the outdoors and capturing landscapes began during a family road trip to Idaho in 2014. One year later, after taking what I thought were good photos with my phone, I decided to dive into the world of photography and buy an actual camera. Being a college student, spending my money on a camera was a big decision, so I learned almost everything I could about my camera and how to shoot with the manual modes before I even got it. After I put much more money into hopefully improving my photography, I knew the next thing I had to do is get out there and visit all those beautiful locations I had been dreaming of. Oh yes, Idaho has tons of those beautiful locations I’ve been looking for. There is much more to Idaho than just potatoes.
This spring I received the chance to go to Idaho again. It was actually the second time this year. My grandma had passed away in January, and my family went up for the funeral. While I was there in January, I was able to get a few photos in the Boise area with all of the snow. When I was asked if I wanted to go to Idaho again this spring, I immediately said yes. After much planning (the Outbound Collective was very helpful), I mapped out a 4 days and 3 nights road trip across Idaho by myself. The route took me all the way from the west side of Boise to the east side of Swan Valley and back.
To me, road trips seem the best way to experience all the nature a state like Idaho has to offer when you only have a short time to explore. While I wish I could have stayed in each place for much longer, I’m glad I was able to have the unique experiences in each place I visited. The road trip offered beautiful sights like the sunset, milky way, and sunrise in the Sawtooths of Stanley; the last light hitting the Tetons and first light hitting Falls Creek Falls in Swan Valley; and the golden light as it hit Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. It was a trip I will never forget, and I’m glad to be sharing my experience and photos.
Nate Bowery

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