I'm George, a full time corporate pilot with a pretty serious photography habit. I actually went to college for photography but ultimately pursued my love of aviation as a career. I found I can happily fly airplanes professionally and focus my creative side on photography at the same time.

I'm a relatively new Oregon transplant. I met my wife in Florida while finishing flight training. We could only handle so much heat and humidity, so after 2 years we moved as far away as we could' and lo! Portland. Before moving here, we were not outdoorsy, but this state is inspiring to say the least. Now we go hiking 2-3 times a month, my portfolio has grown tenfold, and I've even started selling my landscapes. It has been a very visually and physically rewarding time living here.

Being a pilot, I'd like to think I have somewhat of a unique perspective on how beautiful this state is, so I'll share some of my favorite places to visit by small plane.

Pacific City is awesome. Being a very short runway, it requires some skill to get in to' but boy is it a fun airport to visit. You can walk to the beach, there are some great restaurants nearby, and the flight over Cape Kiwanda is amazing. Flying over the Oregon coast is a lot of fun since you can get pretty low as long as you don't fly over the sea rocks because of the bird colonies.
Sisters, Oregon. From Portland, you fly right past Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, and the Three Sisters. If that isn't enough, you land between a forest of Ponderosa Pine, and the airport has bicycles for free to use for a couple of hours. Downtown Sisters, which is adorable by the way, is only a five minute bike ride away and has excellent coffee shops, artists, and restaurants.

Though I've only driven to the Alvord Desert (twice), I really want to fly there. You can land right on the desert in the summer and camp out under the wing. The flight is less than 3 hours from Portland and takes you past the Cascades, John Day, and the Steens Mountains. It's a route that truly shows the pilot what a gorgeous state this is.

I highly recommend getting in contact with the numerous companies who offer scenic flights to see what this state looks like from above. And don't forget, St Helens and Mt Hood are always nearby by plane! Fly safe and happy shooting!

George Gill