I was born and raised in the shadow of the Grand Tetons. Growing up, I was aware that many visitors came to this section of the United States to take photographs, but I never really wrapped my mind around the reason. As an adult that has traveled the country and spectated the beauty of other vistas in the world, I now understand the fascination with this area. The natural beauty of Idaho is truly one of the great settings in the modern American west. 

As a professional graphic designer, I have always appreciated art and the creative vision. I did not seek out photography until late 2016, but the transformation that it has made in my life has been shattering. Everywhere I look now, I see a composition or a story waiting to be told. It has truly changed my outlook on life.

While I enjoy taking photographs of landscapes, rivers, and mountains, my true passion is wildlife. There is something about animals that has always resonated with me, and being able to capture their beauty is something that keeps me going back repeatedly.

Idaho is not one of the states that you"ll hear much about in national media or see in many top ten listings for destination travel, but I assure you it is worth the trip. Most of our great state is still untouched by human beings in many places, and you can still go and have a true sense of adventure. 

When it comes to photography, I do not stress over the settings, pixel density or how many likes I can get on Instagram. I do it for me. My wish is to document the life and beauty around me and if other people enjoy my photographs, so be it. I do it for me. There is nothing more enjoyable than looking through the photographs or videos that I capture and being right back in that moment in time. That is why I do it.

Nathan French
Idaho Falls, Idaho