Now that summer is here we can all take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Aahhh the places we will all go this season. I can feel it. If you are like me, you can't wait to pack up the car, load up the faithful pooch, find some willing participants, and trek off on the next adventure you have been dreaming about! My most favorite out of all my favorite places is McCall, Idaho. It is just far enough away from home to be able to get away, yet close enough that it is not a hassle to get there. It is a place of never-ending outdoor adventures. I love to wake up early, brew a mug of coffee, grab my camera and head lakeside to catch the sunrise. Sitting on a rock, watching the sun slowly creep higher and higher.  The rays illuminating each peak in their turn. The lake, calm; slowly wakes for the day. The silence only broken by a bird singing his morning song. This is tranquility. Take it in. 


After a dose of tranquility, it is time to find a hike. There is an abundance of trails to choose from in the surrounding mountains. In the mountains you can find things such as: range cows, lupines, and lakes. The latter two are much each to photograph than the first. The first tend to be unwilling participants. Last summer I hiked up to the Twin Lakes. The trailhead is located a bit past Brundage. At the beginning of the trial there is a parking lot. Find the open place in the wooden fence and that is the start of the trail. Cross the stream and head on up. There are many wildflowers to see and smell on this hike. The trail is short, but fairly steep. The lakes are nestled against the peak of a mountain. Needless to say, eating lunch lakeside while laying on a warm rock is the best way to enjoy a sandwich. Whatever you do and wherever you go be sure to find some peace and tranquility while enjoying the nature that surrounds you this season.  


Jenell Kasper