Khrystina and I have always been intrigued by a camera. We have always been photographers, just not on a professional level. Taking photos with superman disposable cameras and Motorola flip phones was how I got the job done as a kid. My grandma usedto live out in the country near Cottage Grove, and that is where my love for photography began. I'd be outside, all day everyday taking photos of wildlife, flowers, trees. 

I got my first, I guess you could say "professional" camera when I was a 7th grader. A Sony A100. I began taking photos of everything at that time. I never thought I could make a living off of this, and that is potentially our goal at the moment. What made us consider doing this as a full time job was when Khrystina got pregnant. We hopped right on eBay and purchased a Canon T5i and I had the intention of filming and photographing our entire pregnancy and birth and making a film out of it for keepsakes so our son can watch it in the future. 

Long story short, I am way too hard on myself and think my work could always be better. So the footage is still sitting on our laptop and our son is a year and a halfold! 

Anyways, after our son was born we both got super anxious about going out and taking photos because we upgraded from our iPhones to an actual DSLR. We upgraded equipment super quickly, and started offering portraiture and wedding photography for free, to build our portfolio. We quickly fell in love with the people we met in this industry! And we were absolutely addicted to the progression we were making. We saw our photos getting better and better! (But like I said, we are super hard on ourselves and are always criticizing our work). 

This year we started offering wedding videography and we are super stoked about starting a new chapter in the wedding industry. Now that we are a family, we plan to quit our daytime jobs, pursue videography and photography so we can all travel the world together! 
Jordan and Khrystina Aanrud