I started seeking out waterfalls in my Pacific Northwest backyard as just a fun activity while I recovered from a sports injury. My doctor told me that I needed to find alower impact activity to regain strength in my knee, so hiking seemed like the obvious choice being that I live in Seattle. 

Over the last year and a half, through countless hikes, backpacking adventures, and discovered waterfalls, photography became an obsession. That desire to capture awe inspiring landscapes led to the purchase of a DSLR, various lenses, countless hours learning and eventually evolved into the start of my own photography business. I had never felt this passionate about anything, which was a game changer. Once I finally figured out the camera part, the rest was easy. Book flights, start adventures. From the tropics of Costa Rica to the frozen waterfalls of Iceland, I’ve added more frequent flier miles this past year than the first 35 years of my life combined. 

As I developed my landscape skills, and spending time learning from other photographers, I realized having a subject in my shots made them that much more real, more intense, and gave people the feeling of being there in person. Adventure photography was the next step in my learning, and just added one more element of excitement. 

Some people search their whole lives for that one thing that makes them happy, so I consider myself pretty lucky to have found mine in photography. I get to travel the world and document some of the most incredible places through images, and in turn, share them with you. 

Seth Parker-Burkett