Expressing a Feeling

I am a 30-year-old, Idaho born and raised. Born in Coeur D' Alene, grew up in Boise, and for the last 11 years, have been in the Moscow area. I went to school at the University of Idaho, graduating with a degree in Landscape Architecture. 

I love to be outdoors. I love going on random drives that lead me to a new location. Trying to find new subject to photograph can be difficult, but the reward of finding an old barn, or truck, or even a gnarled piece of wood that has fluidity to it can greatly help an image when creating leading lines. Sometimes looking at something holistically is the best approach. Photography is an art form, one where there is no wrong way to do it. There are “rules,” rather guidelines, but if you abide by those, then everyone’s work would eventually be the same. I do a lot of unorthodox images. I have shot too wide open, or I used a neutral density filter to slow down the normal. 

The big thing with photography for me is letting me express a feeling I have for a scene. I will walk around and choose the spot, the angle, and the lens before I even open my bag. I envision what I want it to look like, and strive to make it look how I see it in my head. A lot of the time, I fail. Many images never make it to fruition. I am very selective, but this self-criticism is what pushes me to better my own craft.

Tyler Horton