I drove through the night to get here, a last minute trip after a long day of studies at Gonzaga. I left my apartment around 11 pm and made my way outside the bright lights of the city.
After driving for three hours or so and stopping for multiple coffees to keep my eyes from shutting, I arrived in Snoqualmie. I found a deserted convenience store lot, folded down the seat of my SUV, rolled out my sleeping bag and tucked myself into a warm slumber. 

Hours later, what seemed like minutes, I woke up to the pattering of rain on the metal roof, tap, tap, tap, tap. I discovered the sound wasn’t as soothing as I had thought. It seemed as though mother nature did not want me to sleep anymore so I cracked my eyes open. Knowing I could start my burner and make myself a warm cup of joe soothed my distaste. 

I scrubbed the condensation off the inside of my window and saw it was a less than ideal morning for taking pictures, what I had planned to do. I felt like I had made a horrible decision coming here without checking the weather. But all those thoughts of bad luck changed when I worked up the courage to untangle myself from my sleeping bag and find my way to the falls. 

When I arrived I knew my journey the night before was far from a mistake. I was alone, able to enjoy the most gorgeous waterfall I had seen while in Washington. Fog rolled over the cliff and water plunged to the ground making a deafening clap as it hit the pool below. 

The trip taught me a valuable lesson, even the most uncomfortable situations can turn around quicker than you may think. It was an adventure I will never forget.

Michael Kelley