The Textures of Time

It's weird to me how very different things can feel between day and night. I was sitting in my truck around 10PM, listening to the last minute or two of a song. I reached over to grab a drink of the coffee I bought on the way, took my gulp, and got ready to hike down. 

Camera and tripod strapped across my chest, it was off to the same falls I had shot a week or two back. Same muddy trail, same steep switchbacks, but this time it was bitterly cold outside... and instead of being lit by the sun, it was by headlamp. There's a new sense of exploration for me... even though I had visited before. It was like short-sighted journey full of deja vu. Everything is so familiar, but so strangely different. There's new emotion, ambiance and character to every rock and bush on the trail.

The falls was a distant howl the whole way through. When I attached sight to sound, it was like approaching a monolith. Just a totally huge and overwhelming work of nature. Almost frightening, or even ominous. Where as before it had been so inviting and vibrant, here it was in this new dark and curious world, howling beneath the stars. 

Night hikes and night-time photography are so special to me. Don't think I dislike my day adventures! But there is a very different experience to be had when the sun falls and the stars come out. I can't urge everyone enough, take some lights and batteries with you and go explore. You'll fall in love with what you find.

(Beaver Falls, Clatskanie, OR. Day / Night)

Cade Brown