Remember and Inspire

The Columbia River Gorge is my home. I may live in Portland, Oregon, but between working as a park ranger in the Gorge and my photography, I can’t seem to leave this place. Within 80 miles you can come across riparian rainforest, transition between deciduous and coniferous forest, only to end up in the Dalles just outside of the high desert. Between the waterfalls and expansive views one could photograph here for a lifetime and never lose sight of inspiration.

The Gorge is one of the first places I became mesmerized within Oregon and it actually made me pick up a camera and take my passion to the next level. My father-in-law introduced me to photography and gave me my first camera, which was the Nikon D100.  Since then I have acquired a Nikon D7000 and soon look forward to adding a Nikon D750 to my growing photography family. 

I primarily shoot landscapes, the milky way, and waterfalls, but I am always interested in taking shots of people’s special moments.

Art has always been my calling no matter what. I express myself best when I am able to be creative and to be consumed by details.  

The reason I keep taking pictures is because I want to both remember all the amazing places I visited/exhausted myself to reach, and to inspire everyone to reconnect with nature. I want people to remember to get outdoors where I feel one can truly be at peace and feel wonder. 

Photography has forever changed my life for the better and allows me to truly see the world I live in.

Daniel Gomez