Finding Focus

I love landscapes and finding a focus through them. This summer, I had the chance to go backpacking at three different spots on Mt. Hood. Through this, I have found a love for being above the tree line and the vastness that always gets belittled in photos. It gives me freedom, joy, and excitement to be in such a place. I loved having the ability to wander, and to see for miles every time I stopped to catch my breath. Watching the mountain change colors at the end of the day, and sleeping under the milky way cannot be beaten by the rush of the city. 

These adventures are often with or because of my friend Kiernen, and he is frequently the focus of my photos. He pushes me to create and constantly challenges me to keep thinking creatively and to discover new things. When I took my first photography class in my sophomore year of high school, Kiernen was always one step ahead of me. As I was beginning to love photography more and more, he shared with me what he knew, so that I could keep on growing and find my own style. Now, I'm a senior in high school, and I have changed my style dramatically.

Isaac Luedtke