Earlier this year, March 2018, I took a trip up to Portland, Oregon, to visit my friend. I had actually visited Portland back in October 2017. If you live in Portland, or anywhere other than Southern California, you know that fall is the one of the most beautiful seasons, as the green colors of trees transition into lovely earth-tone colors. 

Anyway, I had the opportunity to travel up to Oregon the first week of spring, but in all honesty, it was still cold and winter-weather-like. The day I arrived in Portland the weather was gloomy but luckily not raining. The next day we planned a trip up to a famous waterfall, (not Multnomah Falls due to closures) Abiqua Falls. The drive up to Abiqua was amazing, crossing through small farming communities with beautiful mountain ranges in the background. Such a site to see. We drove for almost two hours and finally arrived at our destination, but I don’t recommend driving a small car like a Toyota Camry, as you may get stuck, ahaha. 
Luckily, on this day the weather was on our side and not raining, yet cold and gloomy skies, which was perfect for a lovely hike. On the hike, I enjoyed the cold weather, the smell of clean fresh air from the Douglas Firs, and the serenity of the forest. Once we hiked through the thick forest and finally arrived at the waterfall, the atmosphere was surreal. The sound, power, visuals, and elements that surrounded us at the fall, is a feeling I cannot describe, but it’s a powerful experience.

Anyway, I captured photos of this surreal place for future memories. On this trip, I also documented some photos as I was making my way back to Los Angeles. I made a few stops at more waterfalls, which included Whiskeyfalls and McCloud Falls. I also photographed the beautiful Mount Shasta, which was covered with a cap of snow. The weather was completely different from Portland, as the temperature was in the mid 60s with sunny days and slightly different landscapes. 

In retrospect, I had an amazing trip and life experience. I’d like to thank my friend for taking me and sharing an amazing experience at Abiqua Falls. Life is too short, so enjoy all the moments. 

Jason Chavez