I was in a terrible mood. It had been a long week and the stress of being a self employed wedding photographer was overwhelming me. On top of that, most of my friends were heading to a lake cabin in Idaho together, while I had to stay in Seattle for a few weddings. It was my job, but naturally I felt a little left out. So, with one night free on the weekend, it seemed like the best idea to spend it outdoors. This decision was justified about 1/4 of a mile down the Snow Lake Trail in Snoqualmie Pass as I already was feeling better. My plan was to hike past Snow Lake and camp under the stars near Gem Lake. 

As I climbed past the larger Snow Lake, I was blessed by the last of the evening light creeping over the mountains. I love hiking in the evening because you mostly see people leaving and almost every face looks at you with the envy of "oh man, he gets to spend the night out here." This night didn't disappoint. As the evening progressed, the lake became more and more still as the light leaking over the peaks became more slanted and visible (thanks to the smoke of the nearby Cle Elem fires). It was a hike that restored my soul, gave me life, and made me feel so blessed to call the PNW home.

Joe Tobiason
@2bisons (outdoors account)
@JTobiason (personal)