I’ve always had the eye and love for photography. Ever since I took a photography class in high school I had the idea of being a photographer in the back of my mind. I always took great cell phone photos, and people would constantly tell me I should be a photographer. I finally got my first digital camera, a Nikon d3200, in the early part of 2017 and taught myself the ins and outs of the camera and about photography. 

I watched tutorials and talked to several photographers as it became more than a hobby. I was quickly addicted to the challenge and the feeling I got capturing and then sharing my view of the world. For me it isn’t just about taking pictures, it truly is therapy for my soul. There is something very fulfilling about capturing the beauty of this world and then having others see and feel what I witnessed through my photos. 

I enjoy photography in many different forms, and I love the challenge of becoming a master in all forms of photography. I see the world as beautiful and I’ll take a photo of anything that catches my eye.

Kenneth Tinkham


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