You never know what you’ve been missing until you’ve experienced it. Until moving to Oregon 5 years ago, I always considered myself an adventurous individual but little did I realize what it meant to be a true adventurer. For me, it meant stepping outside my comfort zone, risking proper footing near a cliffside and understanding there may not be a second chance to capture something spectacular. 

Photography has been a way for me to create artwork and express emotions words often can’t describe. Some of my favorite adventures have been in the most desolate areas including Southern/Southeast Oregon, particularly near Rome and Leslie Gulch. Camping under the Milky Way or witnessing the "Northern Lights" that are visible several times a year there in the right weather conditions. Although quite a drive from Portland, experiencing an entire region nearly to yourself is among one of the most serene moments in my life. 

In 2017, I designed and constructed a brand that would allow me the opportunity to pursue my passion for photography, and in hopes provide an outlet for other creatives to draw inspiration from through the social media platform. Dark Pines Photography Motto: Create. Capture. Collect.

Paige Newgaard