Hi, I’m Ryan, a landscape photographer from Oregon. I grew up in Eugene and am still based out of Eugene. I have spent most of my adult career creating and designing things such as logos and websites. A couple of years ago I landed on the idea of completing my portfolio with photography. I pulled the trigger, bought a camera and got right to it. I did portraits, product shots, and in my spare time took adventures to capture landscape photography. It didn’t take much time for me to figure out that landscapes were what I enjoy most. These landscape destinations put me on all sorts of crazy adventures. 

I was located near Strawberry Hill looking on to several rock islands. Strawberry Hill is a small pull-off & look-out destination on the Oregon Coast, located between Florence & Yachats on HWY 101. I slowly worked my way down the hill across the beach, and onto a small, remote, windy, jagged island. I setup my tripod and claimed my spot to take photos from. When it came time to pack up and leave I ran into a bit of trouble. The beach that ran down to this island was slowly getting swallowed up by the rising tide leaving me out to sea. The waves would come and go with short time to pass the clear beach. I saw the timely opportunity of a perfect gap in the waves to get back to my car and jumped off of a rock to give me extra speed to get across. I lost traction on my last leaping step and quickly fell, slamming to the wet sand. Before I knew it, I had salty ocean water in my mouth and I was soaked and covered in sand. Half of my face covered in salty sand as I cough and spit it out of my mouth in shock of what had just happened. I still needed to go to my final destination to photograph the sunset, which I had an hour to do. But no, instead, I have to clean and dry myself off. 

I finally made it back to my car where I was slapping the wet sand off my pants with a towel as a couple of tourists wave and say hello in their perfectly dry, happy clothes. I was embarrassed and thought to myself, why can't I enjoy nature like normal people? I had packed extra socks, shoes, jacket, but not pants. So I ventured on in my wet pants to finish out the day with capturing the sunset as planned. Just a little behind schedule.

Ryan Borden