Our Home Away from Home

@EdwardArthurDalton and @TheDreamChasingFamily have been exploring Oregon since our childhood visits to Grandma and Grandpa's house every summer. Although Grandpa is gone and Grandma moved to be closer in Utah, we can't seem to stop going back to play. Here is our story:

This summer we all squeezed into the van with our gear, just like old times, and set out for another adventure in our home away from home, the Pacific Northwest. 

The majority of this Oregon trip was spent in the Columbia River Gorge, specifically Hood River and the surrounding area. We love it here because it is a one-stop-shop for virtually every outdoor activity we enjoy. We haven't found another destination that offers world class recreation with as much diversity as Hood River. 

Whether it's kiteboarding the world-renowned windy waters of the Gorge, mountain biking the foothills of the majestic Cascade Range peaks, canyoneering to brisk beautiful waterfalls, paddleboarding under giant pines, skimboarding the volcanic sand of the Hood River Sandbar, river surfing, swimming, watching a pastel sunset over Mt. Hood, or eating fresh sea food, there is always something to do! The list goes on and on. Camping, shopping, cliff jumping, rope swings; you could spend a lifetime here and not get sick of it.

For us, exploring Oregon is like a good dream you never want to wake up from, and we always look forward to returning to that dream!

Thank you, Oregon, for another unforgettable adventure.