Adventure is within us all, we just have to go out and seek it.

Ever since a young age, adventure has been my sense of escape from everything. Seeing new scenery and experiencing the struggle of hiking, climbing, and camping to view these epic landscapes has always given me a surge of adrenaline that nothing else can ever compare to. Not until the past year or two have I decided to document every one of my adventures through photography, but I am glad I did. Photography has kept me inspired to keep doing what I love most – being out in the wild.

Last week I went on the adventure of my life. I decided to pack my bags and head up the Oregon coastline. I had no plan, only my sense of direction, a camera, a change of clothes or two, and a burning desire to create content and experience this beautiful place. At first I was intimidated at the thought of leaving everything behind for two weeks to do something I knew I wouldn’t make money doing, but I came to the realization that these experiences and memories are worth far more than money. 

Get out, experience, live your life, allow yourself to witness the canvas painted before your eyes that is nature. Take advantage of your 9-5 job and find a way to utilize your funds to go out and adventure. The money will come later; just be sure to never leave behind your desire to go out and do what you love. Inspiration doesn’t come from sitting around, hoping you find inspiration; inspiration comes from going out and doing. 

The three images here were composed in Oregon. No campsites, no shower, no plan, little money, just my camera and my creative eye. Passion and inspiration can lead to amazing things and even more amazing sights.

Let this inspire you to go out and seek the landscapes of your dreams. Chase your vision and take risks, no matter what.

Turner Nelson


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