Living in Northwestern Nevada, I have been incredibly fortunate to have exceptionally easy access to some of the most photographed natural locations in the world. Lake Tahoe is less than half an hour drive away. The soaring Sierra Nevada Mountains unceasingly dominate every landscape I encounter. There are countless gorgeous lakes, rivers, and creeks all around this area. Contrast this with the endless sagebrush and desert, and you have yourself a photographer’s paradise. 

Nonetheless, I submit that I have become quite spoiled to live in such a beautiful area. The focus of the majority of my photography has been on the world-famous locations I mentioned such as Lake Tahoe, all the while neglecting the places that I first developed my love for nature at. All the photos I’ve included with this piece are within walking distance to my house, giving an insight to where I first opened my eyes to the greatness of the outdoors.

I hope that these places deepen your admiration for the beauty around us. For further inspiration, be sure to follow @NVexplored on Instagram as I post from the most beautiful locations around Nevada.

Zach Harris