Wallowa County Giveaway Sponsorship


Wallowa County Giveaway Sponsorship

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This Instagram sponsorship for Sandra Vaughn of Earth Bands:

Posting Day(s)/Time(s): Various posts between August 16th- August 25th, 2019  as a part of the Wallowa County Giveaway Campaign

@Earth.Bands will be an added sponsor in the Wallowa County Giveaway Campaign that’s currently live on the Explored Co platforms.

Traditional Instagram Posts & Instagram Story Posts on @OregonExplored, @WashingtonExplored, @IdahoExplored, & @ExploredCo

Notes: Requested for https://www.earthbands.co/store/c18/Oregoncategory to be a clickable link in bio and clickable link on Instagram story

Content: Images pulled from @Earth.Bands instagram and supplied by Sandra. Content also to be created by Explored Co. and used for promotional purposes. All content created by Explored Co. will be uploaded and sent to Sandra via Google Drive.

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