ExplOregon Digital Marketing Campaign


ExplOregon Digital Marketing Campaign

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Digital Marketing Campaign for Rick & Kathy Dancer


  • Collaborate on the Lake County Ski Adventure Giveaway

  • Increase Following, Subscribers, and Viewership of ExplOregon Instagram & YouTube Channel

  • Educate @OregonExplored Audience on ExplOregon - The Back Stories

  • Kickstart a longterm working relationship between Rick Dancer Media Services and Explored Co. LLC

Campaign Posting Schedule: 

  • January 11th - 18th

  • Details Can Be Found HERE - (Shared Google Document)

Management & Creative:

  • Rick Dancer Will Provide Photos/Video Content

  • Explored Co. will manage content and schedule it to be posted across @OregonExplored and @ExploredCo channels

  • Explored Co. will measure analytics throughout campaign and provide stats and success ratings once campaign is completed

  • Ryan Weier will provide additional digital support to Rick Dancer throughout campaign

Other Details of this Promotional Campaign can found HERE - (Shared Google Document)

With 500,000+ members in our community and 2,500,000+ weekly impressions Explored Co. connects our audience to your desired promotion. For the best results, we post each promotion midday around 12:00 pm.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Creative Director by email: ryan@exploredco.com or by phone: 206-948-8203. We will do our best to get back to you within 24hours of receiving the email.