MINIM Gear Campaign


MINIM Gear Campaign

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This promotional giveaway campaign for Michael Williamson of MiniM Gear includes:


  • Highlight MiniM products

  • Educate consumers about MiniM story and mission

  • Create unique content for MiniM's campaign

  • Increase Instagram following and brand awareness

  • Generate engagement around outdoor lifestyles

  • Kickstart a longterm working relationship between MiniM Gear and ExploredCo

Posting Schedule: 

  • 2 WashingtonExplored Standard Posts

  • 3 WashingtonExplored Story Posts

  • 2 OregonExplored Standard

  • 2 OregonExplored Story

Posting Schedule:

  • November 26th - Dec 3rd

Management & Creative:

  • MiniM Gear will ship requested/suggested products for content creation in a timely manner.

  • Explored Co. will ship Michael Williamson a Explored Co. Product pack for both client and products to be included in giveaway

  • Explored Co. will create content and have content approved by MiniM Gear. Content will be provided via a google drive link where MiniM Gear will have full access and rights to utilize the content how they see fit.

  • MiniM Gear will help write/edit the campaign copy on shared Google Drive Document.

  • MiniM Gear will provide a adequate landing page for email collection.

Giveaway Prize(s):

  • Explored Co. t-shirt, pin pack, and sticker pack.

  • MiniM Products TBD - (Hoody or Pullover? - Maybe give winner the choice?)

Please provide content/links via email or in the form following this page.

Notes: Requested for ____________ to be a clickable link in bio of accounts posting

Content: Please be sure that approved copy is emailed to prior to the promotion date.

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If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Creative Director by email: or by phone: 206-948-8203. We will do our best to get back to you within 24hours of receiving the email.