Stainless Steel Rose Engraving


Stainless Steel Rose Engraving

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This product can be added onto any of the metal roses being sold on our website. Please fill out the form when prompted at checkout with the information you would like to have engraved.

*Custom engraving has a 30 character limit. A heart vector file is available. All engraving will be on the stem and in arial font family. Please allow 3-5 days for custom engraving processing. 

The foundation of our new rose line. High gloss red powder coat matched with raw stainless steel creates a strong contrast that is bold, but is also quite inviting. This unique combination hits all the marks we strive for when creating metal art. Regardless of your understanding of the mediums or difficulty involved, this combination captures the correct feelings. It’s visually interesting and thought provoking. It’s value can be felt with it’s weight and construction.

As you can expect with all of our roses – Each individual rose is handcrafted in the USA. We hand engrave the leaf, tig weld each flower into the stem, and finally bend it to create the perfect rose shape. This labor intensive process is what gives each rose its true value. Imperfections are what makes this item perfect. The different hues from heated stainless, different engraving depths, and bend marks make this a one off item. The process cannot be rushed and no two roses will ever be exactly the same.


  • .25″ thick steam

  • ~8″ total height

  • 25 gauge stainless